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At 53 I noticed my teeth and smile were deteriorating rapidly. Through recommendations and several hours searching the internet I came across the Cosmetic Dentists of Australia web site and learnt how this group of dentists have all been trained at one of Americas Premier Dental Training Institutes, the Las Vegas Institute of advanced dental studies. I chose one of these CDA dentists to give me a New Smile makeover, and since then I have never smiled with so much confidence. My new smile changed my life…. I did it….. Why don’t you.?.


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Australia’s Leading Dentists

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The dentists listed in Leading Dentists of Australia are some of the most highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced dentists in the world.

Whether it’s a simple filling or leading edge cosmetic Dentists work, selecting the right dentist is perhaps your most important decision.

{Suburb} has lots of "family dentists", "cosmetic dentists", "we cater to coward’s dentists" and now even "whiter-teeth dentists". Trying to work out who’s right for you is probably pretty confusing, especially when so many dentists are claiming to be experts.

Truth be known, "family dentistry" never was and never will be a specialty. And, "cosmetic dentistry" is something that sounds great, but you really need to know what you’re doing to get any good at it. So, the question remains: "How do I pick a good dentist?"

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Dr…….. I’m a long time local, and about … years ago established {Suburb} Dentists in {Suburb} . Now, I’m not saying that I’m the right dentist for you. Perhaps you might already have a dentist you are very happy with and would never change. But, if you are looking for a dentist at the moment, here’s what I have to offer.

A simple concept

My Dental practice is based on a very simple and very old idea: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

That’s right – the Golden Rule. I founded {Suburb} Dentists with exactly that rule in mind.

So, how does the Golden Rule translate into dentistry? Please let me give you a few examples:

  • The office is state-of-the-art - When I have dental treatment done for myself I want it done as well as today’s technology will allow. I want treatment that looks great, feels great and lasts as long as possible.  This cannot be achieved using 1970s, 1980s or even 1990s technology. Dentistry is evolving fast and I invest time in keeping up so that whatever treatment I do, I know that it’s the best around.

  • I do not use amalgam (mercury) fillings. Having children made me realise that I could never use amalgam. I wouldn’t even consider putting amalgam in their teeth so, in good conscience, I could not put it in any one else’s. There are much better alternatives today.

  • I recommend for you exactly the treatment I choose for myself.

    Every treatment recommendation I make for you is what I would choose for myself. That means I never recommend a denture when there is a better alternative, and I never recommend patch ups or short-term solutions. What I do is look at your teeth and give you straight advice – the treatment I would choose for my family, my best friend or myself.

  • I only do treatments that I can do really well.

    I’m sure you have heard of the expression "Jack of all trades, master of none." I decided that at {Suburb} Dentists I would focus on things I do really well.  My passion is cosmetic rehabilitation (making old teeth look like new again). I love giving people back their smiles, and if there’s head and neck pain, sometimes giving them back their lives.  It is just so satisfying. I also love treating kids. There are so many things that need to be picked up early for kids to avoid problems. Just identifying something as simple as a breathing problem can save years of braces. Anyway, there are lots of things that I feel I’m pretty good at, but if I think someone else can do something better than me, I organise for you to see that person. It’s a team approach and it works very well.

  • Keeping up means keeping happy

    I love my work, and it’s because I love learning. The last 10 years I’ve taken many courses on advanced dental techniques. Staying up to date really gives me a passion for what I do. I don’t expect any less from my dentist, you shouldn’t expect any less from yours.

  • A pleasant environment with no waiting.

    When I go to a doctor I don’t want to be kept waiting an hour in a room, with tatty magazines to read and a crowd of people all around me. So you’ll notice my client lounge is a little bit different.  It’s modern, sunny and friendly. But nice as it is, you won’t spend long there because the chances are better than 95% that I’ll see you on time.

  • Personalised attention. Have you ever been to a dental office where the dentist was hopping around from room to room or, even worse, where you never knew which dentist you were seeing until they turned up? That’s not what I would want. At {Suburb} Dental I set aside the time to focus 100% on you. You’ll find you get your dentistry done in a lot less appointments this way.

  • A stable team

    I like seeing the same people when I return to a business I like. It makes me feel good. Our practice was established in …. There’s been a dentist on our site for over …years (we rebuilt it 10 years ago). I’ve been here …. years, my receptionist …..has been here … years, my assistant …. .. years . We’re here to help you for the long haul. 

Limited openings

We are currently accepting new patients. We’re not a high volume practice, so we only have a maximum of XX openings for new clients a week. Any more and we wouldn’t be able to give you the personal attention you deserve.

Please may I make a suggestion?

If you have a dentist you are very happy with then don’t do anything.

If you don’t then why not give us a call on ………………

The first step would be to have a thorough check-up and any needed x-rays. The entire cost for this is $XXX. When you’ve had that done I’ll be able to tell you the full story about your teeth, give you clear, no-mucking-around recommendations and an exact costing for any treatment you need. Where you go from there is up to you, but if you like what you’ve read here I hope you stay around and bring your friends.

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